Host change. 11.12.2010 I finally decided to put this webpage up on a foreign host again.

Startpage Redesign. 27.03.2009 The Startpage now offers the possibility to either have a look at my Homepage here or my Blog at Blogspot.

Cross-Browser Appearance. 10.02.2009 I did some major troubleshooting in order to make the Page look the same especially in IE8 and Safari.

New Server. 02.01.2009 I am now starting to set up the page on my own home-server and of course update its content.

Updated to PHP5. 05.04.2007 The Page hasn't been accessible for some time now but i finally updated it and everything should be fine.

New Link in Linklist. 06.06.2006 You can find some new Links attached to the Linklist-Part.

New Function on Page-Bottom. 15.05.2006 Now the most recent Update of the page will always be shown as a ticker on bottom of the page.

Update: Musical likes. 14.05.2006 You can find Details about the genres and bands I'm listening to under Person > Hobby.

Edited Download-Section. 13.05.2006 Added File-Explanations to some parts of the Download-Section.

Edited Download-Section. 12.05.2006 Added Thumbnails to Downloads > Pictures.

Edited Main-Menu behaviour. 11.04.2006 If an opened sub-menu is clicked again it's going to shut down and go back to the start-page.

Changed Homepage Title. 04.03.2006 Now the Homepage-title is changing dynamically depending on which Page you are on.

Translation done. 26.02.2006 Finally the Page is viewable in English as well again.

New Password-secured Area 23.02.2006 Added a subcategory dedicated to a very "special" Person.

New Icons 21.02.2006 Added some Icons to the Navigation-Part of the page.

New Webpage started 19.02.2006 Tried to design a totally new Website without using any frames this time.

Update: Counter 12.02.2006 Updated the Webcounter due to a mistake in Internet Explorer 7 BETA.

New active Timetable(only German yet) 24.01.2006 Got a new Timetable that will always show you which lesson I got at the moment.

New Webcounter 22.01.2006 Just added my own Counter to count my pages visitors. The IP-Lease Time is 12 hours.

New Shoutbox (see above) 20.01.2006 Finally i wrote and added my own Shoutbox to this page and hope you are going to like it.

Update: Linklist 14.01.2006 Added Freeware-Links.

Update: Computer-Page (German only) 01.01.2006 Added a Description about my Sony Vaio (German only).

Removed Background 27.12.2005 Did not like the background myself anymore.

Added a Background 15.12.2005 Please post comments about it in the shoutbox if you like.

Changed Alignment 08.12.2005 Alignment of the Website has been changed to "Center".

New Skate-Photos added 05.12.2005 Added the last photos of the new Skate-Session(Summer05).

New Shoutbox 03.12.2005 Had to add a new Shoutbox.

Skate-Page added 03.12.2005 New page with my Skate-Stuff.

Contact-Form updated 30.11.2005 New E-Mail Adress (also for the Forum).

Forum Link added 23.11.2005 Under Home > Forum; Only for the German version.

Custom Cursors added 20.11.2005 Internet Explorer only.

News-Box re-edited 15.11.2005 News Box is now dynamic.

English Version available 14.11.2005 Whole page got translated into English.

News-Box started 14.11.2005 From now on you can find the changes of the site plus date here.

Last additions 08.11.2005 The last things have been done and the page is now official complete (for now).

Homepage started 05.11.2005 Homepage has been uploaded and linked with the domain www.martin.kuttner.at.tc

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Last Update: 11.12.2010 - I finally decided to put this webpage up on a foreign host again.  

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