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What we have come down to.


Some dark days are ahead of us my friends.

As I have now already read from multiple sources the US Federal Communications Commission (or FCC) has recently passed what many Enthusiasts fearfully call the Net Neutrality Act. For those of you who don’t know what this is:

Network Neutrality is the basic principle that describes the access to a network (on the Internet) for all of its users as being neutral. It indicates that everyone has the same Level of Access to a certain Network’s Contents. That nothing gets Priority over something else or is taken out entirely.

This principle has hereby been broken for Users accessing the Internet over Cellular Networks in the U.S.A. From now on, Providers can help themselves to a better Quality of Service by for example downgrading the priority of Skype Traffic or even charging extra Money for it. While it is true that Skype Phonecalls aside other things use a lot of traffic and are therefore a Bandwidth-Killer for Celltowers I simply can’t believe this is seen as the Solution. If the Structure of a Network gives in to the Demands of its Users the Provider has to make sure that the Structure is improved in my Eyes.

This Article from Dial-A-Phone sums up the basic Problem of this Approach even further. The Net Neutrality Act allegedly doesn’t even restrict the Providers from shutting down certain Services entirely.

Some dark days are ahead of us my friends.

Windows Search Lamp going berserk


Once upon a while my Internet Service Provider who i am very dissatisfied with “decides” to pull the plug on my internet connection for no reason whatsoever for a little while. So knowing that I have a HSDPA USB Modem laying around with a 3GB monthly dataplan i thought i could install its Hutchison 3G software on my Windows Server 2003 to have a backup internet connection at hand.

After some restarts the software still wouldn’t recognize the Modem so I thought I could run it in Compatibility-Mode for Windows XP. This resulted in the program window not showing up at all while it would make the “explorer.exe” stop responding entirely. When I killed the “3DataManager.exe” however this happened:

So this Flashlight we all know from the XP-days seems to try to catch up on all the CPU cycles it missed while the Data Manager was open. It stopped pretty soon afterwards though as you can see.

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