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WordPress at last.


As readers of my (outdated) Google Blog have already noticed I have recently changed my Blogging-Engine to WordPress. I am still fairly new to this platform but since this is a self-hosted Blog I have all the functionality of WordPress at my fingertips.

One major change I have introduced most recently is that I want to make this Blog a bit more vivid by not only posting original Content to it but also fun bits I find on other Websites. These will fortunately not show up on the front-page of this Blog, however they will show up in the main RSS Feed and of course on their own separate Page. If you don’t want those things to show up in your RSS Reader I suggest you subscribe to one or both of the English and German Feeds because that’s where all my other Posts end up based on their language.

I hope this change injects some much-needed life into this blog and I look forward to sharing my sense of humour with you.

Time Machine and Apple Multi-Touchpads


Without finding nor providing an excuse for my absence around here I think I have gathered enough things to talk about to fill a blog entry once again after some weeks of hard work on multiple school projects.

time-machine-logoYesterday I came to the realization that I don’t even have to buy any additional hardware in order to be able to use the Time Machine feature of my MacBook. Since I bought my Network Attached Storage I had a 500GB USB Storage laying around with nothing to do. At first I tried to modify Time Machine in order to be able to use it as a Network Storage although it isn’t a Time Capsule from Apple. After a variety of weird Error Messages (which seem to be one of the reasons why Apple only supports their own Time Capsules) I decided to connect it via USB.

It works like a charm. Time Machine backs up to this Storage hourly whenever it is connected while the MacBook is not on battery operation. It keeps those hourly backups for the last 24 hours and lowers them to daily updates for the last 7 days accordingly. Furthermore it keeps weekly updates of my files until there is no storage left. So to retrieve a lost file or file-state one opens a Finder (=Explorer) Window and directs it to where you once had your file the way you want it to have now. You launch Time Machine and it takes the Finder Window on a journey to the past. You specify the Date you want to go back to and the contents of the Window will change to what they have been like at that time.

So whenever my MacBook is connected to the Storage those backups will be made regularly and I can make those journeys to the past.

To switch to another topic, something I wanted to talk about in my Blog for a long time now is how satisfied I am with the way the new Multi-Touch Trackpads from Apple work.


Since the introduction of the Multi-Touch concept by Apple with the iPhone this has proven to be a hit among customers looking for ways to interact with their hardware more intuitively. And it has proven my conviction wrong that touch-pads cannot be a tool for a serious workflow on a mobile computer.

With this Trackpad I do not feel the need of grabbing a hold of my Mouse on every occasion.

I do not feel hindered by technology when working with it. It has size and it doesn’t recognize the accidental touch as a click like many others do and it does not have a dedicated Click-Button since it itself is the button which you can press down on which I think is way more intuitive than having your own click-button when most people just want to click on the touchpad itself anyways.

Whenever someone uses it for the first time they stumble across the problem that clicking and holding down on the Trackpad while dragging a scrollbar across the screen can be rather annoying. What they do not know of course is that its primary intent isn’t that at all. Since it can receive multiple inputs you can for example right-click when clicking with two fingers or scroll while sliding across with two fingers. In supported applications the possibilities are even higher in number. You can pinch and zoom in iPhoto. You can use a 4-finger swipe to get to your desktop or to Exposé (a grid of all open windows). You can use 3 fingers to go through an iPhoto Album.

Of course every application can implement their own functionalities for these, which means that sooner or later there will be even more advantages for users of this Trackpad since they are now being built into every mobile Mac Apple ships.

So this entry has been very Apple-based but this should just go to show that although I believe to be very critical of what companies like Apple do these days (because I absolutely don’t think their philosophy is better than anyone else’s) I can’t help being astonished by their way of thinking once in a while.

Have a nice weekend

Windows vs. Mac OS X: Aspects reviewed

Tiny Spoiler: no Macintosh/Apple praising found in this post.

So to make my blog interesting to a bigger audience I decided to publish both in german (because I think one should never forget where they came from, especially if you’re partially surrounded by all those programmers who write great programs in bad english and think that’s OK) and english of course.

The language i choose will most likely be based on the subjects i cover. Whether they are of interest for everyone or rather just the people from my language area (which is Austria and not Germany for all those who didn’t know).
What i want to talk about are the following experiences i had with the operating systems Windows from Microsoft and Mac OS X from Apple in specific scenarios.

My School (University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg) offers me the possibility to access my personal files on their server from everywhere where i have internet – through a WebDAV protocol. Which is great by the way.
Anyways, here are two short overviews of how the previously mentioned operating systems handle all the fuzz:
Mac OS X 10.5.6: When I connect it asks me for my credentials and everything seems to be working smoothly. But after moving some files back and forth you realize that OSX tends to for example say it overwrites a folder but in fact it just uses a different set of characters to name the folders and files so then you might have 2 Folders with almost the same Name existing side by side (i.e. Übung01 and Ubung01), but OSX will still only show you the one you just copied over. Furthermore what seems really cool is that no matter how bad your WiFi connection might be at the moment, OSX seems to be browsing through the folder structure smoothly at any time. Which is until you find out that OSX just buffers the contents of the folders you’ve already been to and what you see can very likely just be an outdated view of the actual data, someone else might have edited.
Windows XP: So Windows has the possibility to access FTP/WebDAV/… from within the Explorer as well which I didn’t find out until recently. Just like OSX it asks me for my credentials at first login which i then choose to save for further logins. First of all, with Windows you can access the server over its own file protocol (called Samba in the UNIX world) if you’re in its local network (so in this case when I’m at school). The hierarchically highest link you would be able to access is \\fshome\students and then you have to go through all the subfolders until you eventually find your own files. But the problem is that you may not dare to access \\fshome for example. Because if you do you’re on your way to eternal damnation. You don’t have the rights to access it but contrary to other Samba servers you wont get the opportunity to correct your mistake through a simple altert-window. You’ll just find out that this explorer.exe is lost forever. (Apparently this doesn’t happen on all Windows machines but my point stands.) On the upside of things, Windows doesn’t seem as smooth as OSX while browsing through the folder structure, which assures me that whatever Windows shows me is up-to-date content
So why can’t I work with my files on every type of computer the same way? Using anything else than Explorer/Finder is not an option because I want it to work with the same File Browser I use for everything else on said operating system.
So maybe I’ve just been a Windows user for a too long period of time and just don’t know my way around UNIX systems and if anyone would try to point that out i will not hesitate to agree with them but what do you think: Would you rather have an operating system that claims to work in every scenario but doesn’t, or an operating system which obviously doesn’t work in every scenario but seems to be doing the job well if you know how to work with it?



Vielleicht fragt sich ja der eine oder die andere

(oder auch umgekehrt, um der Gleichberechtigung der Geschlechter Genüge zu tun)

ob der Autor dieser Seite denn nun gestorben sei, sich seine Faulheit nur immer mehr auf seinen Eintragungen in seinen Blog ausgeweitet haben oder er schlichtweg vergessen hat, dass er überhaupt einen Blog sein Eigen nennt.

Nun ich denke von allen dreien kann man sich ein wenig Wahrheit herausholen.

In einem Film mit Angelina Jolie dessen Namen ich mich leider nicht mehr entsinne ging es darum, dass der Hauptdarstellerin aus glaubwürdiger Quelle vorausgesagt wurde, in nächster Zeit zu sterben. Und um das Ende vorweg zu nehmen ging es so aus, dass sie zwar nicht starb aber die Vorhersage trotzdem Wahrheit in sich trug, weil ihr Leben zum gegebenen Zeitpunkt einem solch starken Umschwung unterlag, dass sie fortan nicht mehr dieselbe Person war.
Ich denke, dass auch mich der Verlauf meiner momentanen Beziehung sehr stark veränderte und obwohl ich denke immer noch derselbe zu sein kann ich mir doch gut vorstellen, dass ich mich in gewisser Hinsicht doch stark verändert habe in den letzten Monaten.
Die Faulheit mag wohl darauf zurückzuführen zu sein, dass sowohl auf schulischer als auch auf privater Basis der Druck in letzter Zeit mehr oder weniger stark angestiegen ist und es daran war, neue Prioritäten zu setzen, die es mir schwer machten, viel über mein Leben nachzudenken, und was es darüber niederzuschreiben gäbe.
Drittens und letztens mag es auch sein dass es mir von Zeit zu Zeit garnicht mehr richtig bewusst war einen Blog zu haben, und noch weniger, dass dieser hin und wieder auch von anderen Leuten gelesen werden könnte.

Doch nun genug der Rechtfertigungen und Ausreden.

Ich denke ich führte in letzter Zeit ein sehr erfülltes Leben. Obwohl auch so manche wichtige Freundschaft in den Hintergrund gerückt war ging auch dies vorüber und ich konnte das Procedere einer gesunden Beziehung gemeinsam mit der Person, die sie mit mir teilt nach allen Regeln der Kunst bestens ausweiten und bekräftigen.

Für die Zukunft hoffe ich, dass so manche bereits erwähnte Freundschaft wieder ein Aufleben erfahren kann und nicht die ganze zwischenmenschliche Aktivität rein familiärer und mehr oder weniger sexueller Basis sein wird und mit diesen Worten wünsche ich nun allen eine schöne Woche an einem sonnigen Montag auf, dass sie mir die Kraft geben bald wieder meinen Blog fortzusetzen.


Homepage von Martin Kuttner


Wieder einmal ist es so weit: Dem Autor wurde seine Homepage zu langweilig und hat imzugedessen aus seiner gestrigen Langeweile heraus eine neue erstellt, welche unter demselben Link erreichbar sein wird wie die alte: Homepage von Martin Kuttner

Aber das ist bei weitem noch nicht alles, was dem Autor in letzter Zeit widerfahren ist. Er hat auch eine sehr nette Person kennengelernt, mit welcher er nun seit Freitag (10.02.2006) eine werdende Beziehung so lang als möglich teilen möchte.

Die Rarität seiner Blog-Einträge sind keineswegs auf irgendwelche Drogenratien oder Ähnliches zurückzuführen sondern schlichtweg auf seine Faulheit, welche sich nun in seinen wohlverdienten Semesterferien wahrscheinlich wie das Universum in die Unendlichkeit ausdehnen wird (aber das hoffen wir alle nicht).

Letztendlich sollte noch gesagt werden, dass in nächster Zeit noch einige Änderungen an der Homepage vorgenommen werden und daher der tägliche Blick auf diese bestimmt ausnahmslos in grenzenloser Glückseligkeit resultieren wird.


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