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  • The Mac “PRo” December 13, 2019
    Yesterday saw the release of the new Mac Pro, finally replacing the trash can and moving back to a tower-based design. It has had a somewhat mixed response, with many people taking issue with the high prices, ranging from $6000 to over $52000. There have been those seeking to defend the prices and write off the complaints, but I don’t believe these arguments […]
    Thom Holwerda
  • The ZedRipper December 11, 2019
    Meet the ZedRipper – a 16-core, 83 MHz Z80 powerhouse as portable as it is impractical. If this introductory sentence doesn’t grab your attention because you’re dead inside, maybe this will: In the course of my historical computing hobbies, I stumbled upon something that I thought was very fascinating – relatively early in its history, CP/M supported a ‘netw […]
    Thom Holwerda
  • A walk through the Magit interface December 11, 2019
    This article demonstrates some of Magit’s most essential features in order to give you an impression of how the interface works. It also hints at some of the design principals behind that interface. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Magit is a complete interface to Git, which does not limit itself to the “most essential features everyone needs”. I hop […]
    Thom Holwerda


  • Aukey’s Aipower Wearbuds Combine True Wireless Earbuds with a Wrist-worn Fitness Tracker December 12, 2019
    True Wireless Earbuds almost all follow the lead of Apple’s AirPods and come in their own charging case. And if you want to use a fitness tracker, you’ll need to find space on your wrist as well. But, what if you could combine wireless earbuds with a fitness tracker so that you only need to carry one device with you? That’s the premise of the newly announced […]
    James Frew
  • The 5 Best Routers and Modems for Comcast Xfinity December 12, 2019
    Are you looking for the best Comcast Xfinity modem or router? Home networking devices are notoriously difficult to understand. We’ll help you decode Comcast’s jargon and find the best router or modem for the Xfinity cable broadband service. What’s the Best Wireless Router or Modem for Comcast Xfinity? The best router is one that can fully use your subscripti […]
    Kannon Yamada
  • The Quickest Way to Install Windows Software: The Command Prompt December 12, 2019
    Installing apps on Windows is a time-consuming process. The user has to go through a series of steps to patch the software—search for the recent version of an app, download the installer file, manually install the app (next, next several times), and uncheck unwanted bundleware or ads. The problem does not end here. Software installers in Windows have entirel […]
    Rahul Saigal


  • Apple Avoids iPhone Tariffs as U.S. and China Reach Trade Deal December 13, 2019
    Apple won't be hit with hefty tariffs on the iPhone, iPad, and MacBooks as U.S. President Donald Trump this afternoon signed off on a trade deal with China. Speaking in a note to investors shared by Bloomberg, Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives said that the new tariffs could have added approximately $150 to the price of iPhones during the holiday seas […]
    Juli Clover
  • Using Voice Control in iOS 13 to Operate an iPhone Hands-Free December 12, 2019
    Apple in iOS 13 added a Voice Control feature as an Accessibility option designed for those who need to use their iPhones and iPads without their hands. It allows for complete control of the operating system using voice commands. Voice Control is designed for people who need an alternative to physical control, but it has the potential to be useful even for t […]
    Juli Clover
  • Apple Buys UK-Based Company 'Spectral Edge' to Bolster iPhone's Photographic Capabilities December 12, 2019
    Apple has purchased UK-based photography company Spectral Edge, reports Bloomberg. The Spectral Edge website is now defunct, but the company had developed a mathematical technique for improving photographic imagery in real-time. Created in 2014 from academic research at the University of East Anglia, Spectral Edge's algorithm is able to enhance low-ligh […]
    Juli Clover

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