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  • Introducing nushell, a shell written in Rust August 24, 2019
    Today, we’re introducing a new shell, written in Rust. It draws inspiration from the classic Unix philosophy of pipelines, the structured data approach of PowerShell, functional programming, systems programming, and more. It’s called Nushell, or just Nu for short. We have a book (¡también se habla Español!). We have a repo.
    Thom Holwerda
  • Deconstructing Google’s excuses on tracking protection August 24, 2019
    Blocking cookies is bad for privacy. That’s the new disingenuous argument from Google, trying to justify why Chrome is so far behind Safari and Firefox in offering privacy protections. As researchers who have spent over a decade studying web tracking and online advertising, we want to set the record straight. Google’s refusal to join Firefox’ and WebKit’s st […]
    Thom Holwerda
  • Android Q is Android 10 August 23, 2019
    First, we’re changing the way we name our releases. Our engineering team has always used internal code names for each version, based off of tasty treats, or desserts, in alphabetical order. This naming tradition has become a fun part of the release each year externally, too. But we’ve heard feedback over the years that the names weren’t always understood by […]
    Thom Holwerda


  • Finally Master Time Management With This FREE Ebook! August 24, 2019
    Feeling chronically overwhelmed and stressed is not a habit you want to prolong. Instead, you want to stop feeling rushed, so that you’re free to do your best work, rather than battling to stay on top of your to-do list. You’re far from alone. But it’s too easy to delude yourself into thinking that, if only you worked a little harder now, then next week, nex […]
    Rob Nightingale
  • 5 Tools to Understand Facebook’s Privacy Violations and Defeat It August 24, 2019
    Facebook is a security and privacy nightmare. These websites and apps suggest ways to take back control of your data.Read the full article: 5 Tools to Understand Facebook’s Privacy Violations and Defeat It
    Mihir Patkar
  • The Best Free Alexa Skills for Amazon Echo Owners August 23, 2019
    As well as Amazon’s own Echo devices, Alexa is available on a huge number of different products like thermostats, headphones, and even vehicles. But to get the best out of Alexa you need to install some Alexa skills.Unlock the "Mega List of 100+ Useful Amazon Alexa Commands" now!This will sign you up to our newsletterEnter your EmailUnlockRead our […]
    Brent Dirks


  • Disney+ Will Offer up to Four Simultaneous Streams and 4K Content for $6.99 a Month August 24, 2019
    Disney's annual D23 Expo kicked off in Anaheim on Friday, and the company has revealed more details about its upcoming streaming service, Disney+. According to CNET, Disney+ will cost $6.99 a month and give subscribers the ability stream up to four devices at the same time, with high-definition 4K content included at no extra cost. That will make it hig […]
    Tim Hardwick
  • Apple Contractors Listened to 1,000+ Siri Recordings Per Shift August 23, 2019
    Apple has suspended the grading program that used contractors to listen to Siri recordings for quality control purposes, but in a new report, The Irish Examiner (via The Verge) gives some additional insight into how it worked. According to one of the contractors who worked on Siri grading in Cork, Ireland, employees were expected to listen to more than 1,000 […]
    Juli Clover
  • The Most Interesting Features in Samsung's New Galaxy Note 10+ Flagship Smartphone August 23, 2019
    Samsung recently released its latest flagship smartphones, the Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Note 10+, which will be two of Apple's main competitors for the upcoming 2019 iPhones. The new Galaxy Note smartphones have impressive edge-to-edge displays with pinhole camera cutouts, S Pen support, and a long list of additional features that are designed to m […]
    Juli Clover

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