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  • Dive into the details of iOS 11: is Apple still detail-oriented? September 21, 2017
    The unfinished feeling in iOS 11 mostly comes from UI and animation. UI elements in iOS are quite inconsistent, mixing a variety of UI elements, which might look quite similar but introduce a disconnected feeling for UX. The inconsistency of those elements majorly stems from those UI element updated in iOS 11, such as Large Title and new Search Bar. In my op […]
  • Google buys large part of HTC's smartphone team September 21, 2017
    Rick Osterloh, Google's senior vice president of hardware, writes: About a year and a half ago, I joined Google to pursue my dream job to create compelling hardware products, built with Google's smarts at their core. As a first step, we brought together various consumer hardware-related efforts and established a single hardware organization within […]
  • Redox 0.3.3 released September 20, 2017
    Redox 0.3.3 has been released. Redox is an operating system written in Rust. This release brings much lower memory usage with ISO - 480 MB instead of 1300 MB. There are also other bug fixes, features, and improvements.


  • How the Instant Pot Changed the Way I Cook September 22, 2017
    For most of my life, I never considered myself a cook. I grew up eating whatever my parents cooked at home, going out to eat with my boyfriend, or just grabbing fast food wherever. I loved food, but it was more about eating it than cooking it myself. And then I moved out. At first, my boyfriend and I would get food from typical fast food chains and casual jo […]
    Christine Chan
  • Are These the Toughest Linux Operating Systems to Install? September 22, 2017
    While all Linux operating systems are the same at their core, there are also things which separate them somewhat. For example, package managers differ between each variation, as do other things. One large point of difference that many people will face is the way you actually get such a system onto your computer. Though many Linux operating systems these days […]
    Austin Luong
  • Folks, It’s Time to Delete the Facebook News Feed September 22, 2017
    It’s time to get rid of your News Feed. Facebook is a sum of many parts, including Messenger, Events, Games, and a whole lot more. The News Feed is more a distraction than anything else. Here’s how (and why) you can delete it. Why You Should Kill Your News Feed When it first started, the News Feed was actually pretty nice. You got to know what your close fri […]
    Mihir Patkar


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