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  • How SNES emulators got a few pixels from complete perfection April 3, 2020
    As the lead coder of bsnes, I’ve been attempting to perfect Super Nintendo emulation for the past 15 years. We are now at a point where that goal is in sight, but there we face one last challenge: accurate cycle timing of the SNES video processors. Getting that final bit of emulation accuracy will require a community effort that I hope some of you can help w […]
    Thom Holwerda
  • Dropbox’s journey to type checking 4 million lines of Python April 2, 2020
    Dropbox is a big user of Python. It’s our most widely used language both for backend services and the desktop client app (we are also heavy users of Go, TypeScript, and Rust). At our scale—millions of lines of Python—the dynamic typing in Python made code needlessly hard to understand and started to seriously impact productivity. To mitigate this, we have be […]
  • LineageOS 17.1, based on Android 10, released April 2, 2020
    We have been working extremely hard since Android 10’s release last August to port our features to this new version of Android. Thanks to massive refactoring done in some parts of AOSP, we had to work harder than anticipated to bring some features forward, and in some cases, introduced implementations similar to some of our features into AOSP (but we’ll get […]
    Thom Holwerda


  • Google Can Now Turn Your Photos Into Works of Art April 2, 2020
    You can now turn your photos into works of art, and all you need is the Google Arts and Culture app. This is because Google has added a new feature called Art Transfer to the app. And this lets you apply various art styles to a photo of your choosing. How to Turn Your Photos Into Works of Art Google details Art Transfer in a post on The Keyword. The company […]
    Dave Parrack
  • You Can Now Use Facebook Messenger on Desktop April 2, 2020
    Facebook has launched a standalone Messenger app for PC and Mac. This means that you can now use Messenger on your desktop computer, as long as it’s running Windows or macOS. These desktop apps have arrived nine years after Messenger debuted. At its 2019 F8 conference, Facebook announced that a Messenger desktop app was in development. One year on, and with […]
    Dave Parrack
  • So Your iPhone Was Lost or Stolen? Here’s What to Do April 2, 2020
    If you lose your iPhone—or if some dastardly thief steals it—the ensuing panic makes it difficult to know what you need to do next. Where should you start your search? Do you need to alert the police? How can you use your IMEI number to block your iPhone? Don’t worry: we’ll explain everything you need to know about reporting and retrieving your stolen iPhone […]
    Dan Helyer


  • U.S. Apple Stores to Remain Closed Until Early May April 3, 2020
    Apple today informed employees that its Apple retail stores in the United States will remain closed until early May, and Apple employees will continue to work from home until then. In a memo to employees, excerpts of which were shared by Bloomberg, Apple's retail chief Deirdre O'Brien said that Apple is "continuing to monitor local conditions […]
    Juli Clover
  • iPhone 8 Screen Protector Updated With 'iPhone SE' Compatibility on Apple's Online Store April 3, 2020
    Another clue has surfaced to suggest that Apple's rumored lower-cost iPhone SE successor will likely be released soon. Earlier today, a product listing for a Belkin screen protector on Apple's online store was updated to reflect compatibility with not only the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, but also the iPhone SE. Given the original iPhone SE was a 4-inch […]
    Joe Rossignol
  • New Low-Cost 'iPhone SE' Could Launch as Soon as Tomorrow April 2, 2020
    Apple's new low-cost iPhone is set to launch as early as Friday, April 3, according to a new report from 9to5Mac that cites a tip from a "highly trusted reader." The site says that while it can't be certain about the launch date, "Apple could reveal and begin taking orders for the new ‌iPhone‌ as soon as tomorrow." The iPhone 8 […]
    Juli Clover

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