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  • Microsoft extends support deadline for Clover Trail PCs July 20, 2017
    Microsoft finally broke its silence on the status of devices built on the Intel Clover Trail CPU family. Owners of those devices who had taken advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade offer discovered recently that those PCs were unable to upgrade to the Windows 10 Creators Update, released in April 2017 and now rolling out widely to the installed base of Wi […]
  • Google denies funding biased research July 19, 2017
    It turns out we got played. The WSJ report that Google was funding research specifically to influence lawmakers for its own benefit seems to have been an Oracle-created hit job. Google's director of public policy Leslie Miller said the CfA's report was "highly misleading" and accused it of inflating the numbers by attributing funding to G […]
  • Google Glass 2.0 is a startling second act July 19, 2017
    What they didn't know was that Alphabet was commissioning a small group to develop a version for the workplace. The team lives in Alphabet's X division, where Glass was first developed as a passion project of Google cofounder Sergey Brin. Now the focus was on making a practical workplace tool that saves time and money. Announced today, it is called […]


  • Seeing Is Believing: The Amazon Echo Show Review July 22, 2017
    Our verdict of the Amazon Echo Show:Amazon's latest member of the Echo family, the Show, delivers with a touchscreen and great sounding speakers. But will developers to support the new platform?810 We're giving away an Amazon Echo Show. Keep reading to find out how to win!Amazon’s line of connected speakers are growing up and adding a big new featu […]
    Brent Dirks
  • Saturday Deals: The Witcher 3, Moto G5, Disney’s Moana, and More [UK] July 22, 2017
    For most people, this weekend signals the first week of the school holidays. Today’s deals may ease the transition with savings on PS4 games, Motorola smartphones, action camera accessories, and Disney Blu-rays. If you are on the lookout for something new to listen to, then make sure to check out last week’s New Music Friday roundup. The Witcher 3 – Game of […]
    Amazon UK Deals
  • 5 Interesting Ways to Read the News Every Day July 22, 2017
    News has evolved, and how you read it needs to evolve too. It’s not about going to one site any more. It’s also not about reading through social networks. Reading the news today isn’t as simple as it used to be. There is an information overload that you need to counter. Plenty of sites have their own biases that you have to manoeuvre. And lots of smaller new […]
    Mihir Patkar


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