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  • Google starts tracking offline shopping May 24, 2017
    Google already monitors online shopping - but now it's also keeping an eye on what people buy in physical stores as it tries to sell more digital advertising. The Internet giant said Tuesday that a new tool will track how much money people spend in merchants' bricks-and-mortar stores after clicking on their digital ads. The analysis will be done by […]
  • Amiga X5000: an alternate universe where the Amiga never died May 24, 2017
    Ars reviews the Amiga X5000, and concludes: The X5000 is different. It feels like an exotic car: expensive, beautifully engineered, and unique. If you bought one, you'd be one of a proud few, a collector and enthusiast. It practically begs for you to dig in and tinker with the internals - the system comes with an SDK, a C compiler, Python, and a huge am […]
  • The largest Git repo on the planet May 24, 2017
    Over the past 3 months, we have largely completed the rollout of Git/GVFS to the Windows team at Microsoft. As a refresher, the Windows code base is approximately 3.5M files and, when checked in to a Git repo, results in a repo of about 300GB. Further, the Windows team is about 4,000 engineers and the engineering system produces 1,760 daily "lab builds […]


  • Imzy, the Friendlier Reddit, Is Shutting Down May 24, 2017
    Imzy, the self-styled friendlier alternative to Reddit, is shutting down. Imzy’s raison d’être was to offer a nicer, safer environment for people to communicate. So, given its demise, it appears people are perfectly happy with the slightly more rambunctious nature of other social media sites. Reddit has to be one of the foundations of the internet. It’s some […]
    Dave Parrack
  • 9 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When Building a Web Page May 24, 2017
    Creating a web page with HTML and CSS is pretty straightforward. But it’s easy to make mistakes, and there are quite a few things you might not think about. Most of the time, these small mistakes won’t make much of a difference. But in the long run, they can make your life more difficult. These nine mistakes are easy to make, but if you head them off earlier […]
    Dann Albright
  • You Can Now Try Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass May 24, 2017
    Having announced it in February, Microsoft has launched the Xbox Games Pass, with Xbox Live Gold members granted early access from today. On June 1, the service will be made available to everyone with Xbox Live. In one fell swoop, Microsoft will usher in a new era of gaming. People are increasingly rejecting the idea of ownership. They’re happy to rent house […]
    Dave Parrack


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