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  • In African villages, these phones become ultrasound scanners April 22, 2019
    Lying on a church pew with his arm over his head, 6-year-old Gordon Andindagaye whimpered a bit — in fear, not pain — as Dr. William A. Cherniak slowly swept a small ultrasound scanner up and down his chest. Dr. Cherniak and Rodgers Ssekawoko Muhumuza, the Ugandan clinical officer he was training, stared at the iPhone into which the scanner was plugged, watc […]
    Thom Holwerda
  • Haiku gets NVMe driver April 20, 2019
    Due to the awesome work by long-time developer waddlesplash, nightly images after hrev53079 have read/write NVMe support built-in. These devices now show up in /dev/disk/nvme/ and are fully useable by Haiku. I’ve personally tested my Samsung 950 Pro and seen raw read speeds up to 1.4GiB/s. Another important driver for Haiku to have, and with today’s modern l […]
    Thom Holwerda
  • Red Hat replaces Oracle as OpenJDK 8, OpenJDK 11 steward April 20, 2019
    Red Hat has taken control of two popular versions of the open source Java implementation, so developers can continue to build apps after Oracle’s support ends. A big deal to enterprise users and Minecraft players, but I can’t really muster any form of excitement over this. Then again, every bit less of Oracle in this world is good news.
    Thom Holwerda


  • The 5 Best Airpods Alternatives April 23, 2019
    The Apple Airpods are among the most popular wireless earbuds in the world right now. However, they’re not the only true wireless earbuds on the market. The alternatives to Apple Airpods are not only cheaper, but also offer more features than Apple’s flagship true wireless earbuds. If you’re on the hunt for the best Airpods alternative, we’ve rounded up the […]
    Vann Vicente
  • SiriusXM Essential Means You No Longer Need a Car April 23, 2019
    SiriusXM has launched a new streaming subscription package called SiriusXM Essential. While SiriusXM is best known for offering satellite radio in your car, Essential is just for streaming, meaning you no longer need to own a car to listen to SiriusXM. SiriusXM Launches SiriusXM Essential SiriusXM has launched Sirius XM Essential citing the fact that “approx […]
    Dave Parrack
  • How to Create a Bootable USB Drive From Your Windows CD April 23, 2019
    Do you have a Windows CD or DVD, but cannot use your optical drive to install your Windows operating system on your new computer? Maybe you are worried about CD/DVD rot and want to create a backup? Instead of a disc, you can use a USB flash drive to install Windows. Flash drives are smaller, have more storage, and if you use the right tool, you can boot mult […]
    Gavin Phillips


  • Apple Launches New 'Apple TV' YouTube Channel April 23, 2019
    Apple has launched a new YouTube channel that's dedicated to its TV app, offering up trailers, behind the scenes commentary, interviews, show clips, and more. Apple appears to have debuted the new channel, which was noticed this morning by MacStories, about a month ago. The channel seems to have launched when Apple announced plans for a revamped Apple T […]
    Juli Clover
  • Powerbeats Pro to Launch in Black in May, Other Colors Coming This Summer April 23, 2019
    Apple's Powerbeats Pro, set to launch in May, will only be available in black when they first go on sale. The detail, first noticed by 9to5Mac, was recently added to the Powerbeats Pro listing on the Beats website. Powerbeats Pro will eventually be available in Ivory, Moss, and Navy alongside the standard Black color, with Apple offering a greater range […]
    Juli Clover
  • Apple Now Prioritizing MacBook Keyboard Repairs With Quoted Next-Day Turnaround Time April 23, 2019
    Apple has indicated that most MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboard repairs will be required to be completed at Apple Stores until further notice, rather than being shipped to an off-site Apple repair center, according to an internal memo shared with Apple Store employees last week and obtained by MacRumors. Apple's memo, titled "How to support Mac cust […]
    Joe Rossignol

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