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  • Inside the die of Intel's 8087 coprocessor chip August 16, 2018
    Looking inside the Intel 8087, an early floating point chip, I noticed an interesting feature on the die: the substrate bias generation circuit. In this articleI explain how this circuit is implemented, using analog and digital circuitry to create a negative voltage. Intel introduced the 8087 chip in 1980 to improve floating-point performance on 8086/8088 co […]
  • The jury is in: monolithic OS design is flawed August 16, 2018
    The security benefits of keeping a system's trusted computing base (TCB)small has long been accepted as a truism, as has the use of internal protection boundaries for limiting the damage caused by exploits. Applied to the operating system, this argues for a small microkernel as the core of the TCB, with OS services separated into mutually-protected comp […]
  • China's first 'fully homegrown' browser is a Chrome clone August 16, 2018
    A Chinese software startup has become a laughing stock on Chinese social media after claiming to have developed China's first fully homegrown browser only to be promptly exposed for copying Google. I think it's entirely normal for countries - especially large ones - to press the "local products" angle, and I see nothing wrong with Chi […]


  • Fix Common Gmail Annoyances With These 5 Free Chrome Extensions and Apps August 18, 2018
    Gmail is the most popular email service in the world, but it’s not without its flaws. Even with the new changes in Gmail, Google hasn’t fixed several common annoyances and mistakes. A few fans of Gmail have tried to fill that void. Most of them are Chrome extensions, but one of them works with Gmail on Chrome or Android. All these tools assume that you know […]
    Mihir Patkar
  • 7 Top Secret Features of the Free VLC Media Player August 17, 2018
    A few months back, VLC Media Player got Chromecast support and 360-degree video views. It’s just another tiny notch on the popularity of the open source player which can handle anything that you throw at it (as long as it’s a media file!). The Windows version of the player is closing in on 50 million downloads, and that’s discounting all the other platforms […]
    Saikat Basu
  • How to Properly Resize Images in Photoshop August 17, 2018
    Knowing how to resize an image in Photoshop is an essential skill that’s useful whether you’re a photographer or not. In this article we’ll explain how it’s done in less than five minutes. You’ll need Adobe Photoshop CC to follow along. These steps WILL work in older versions of Photoshop, although some menus may look different depending on which version you […]
    Joe Coburn


  • Motorola's New P30 Smartphone Blatantly Copies iPhone X August 17, 2018
    Motorola's latest P30 smartphone is making headlines this week, but not for an impressive feature set or a unique design. As it turns out, Motorola has opted to copy the design of the iPhone X, resulting in an Android smartphone that's nearly identical to Apple's flagship device. The P30, which features a 6.2-inch display, is by far the most i […]
    Juli Clover
  • Apple Says No Personal Data Was Compromised in Australian Teenager Hacking Incident August 17, 2018
    In a statement, Apple has confirmed that no personal data was compromised by a 16-year-old student from Melbourne, Australia who admitted to hacking into Apple's internal servers on multiple occasions over one year. The Guardian:At Apple, we vigilantly protect our networks and have dedicated teams of information security professionals that work to detec […]
    Joe Rossignol
  • 'Entry-Level' 13-inch MacBook, Redesigned iPad Pros With Faster 18W USB-C Charger Coming in September, But no New iPad Mini August 17, 2018
    Apple will launch its much-rumored "entry-level" MacBook in September, according to a report by DigiTimes outlining Apple's upcoming product launches. The website says the new MacBook will be priced at $1200, according to industry sources, and will be powered by 14-nanometer Kaby Lake CPU architecture, following delays to Intel's 10-nm ro […]
    Tim Hardwick

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