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  • Apple puts modem engineering unit into chip design group February 9, 2019
    Apple has moved its modem chip engineering effort into its in-house hardware technology group from its supply chain unit, two people familiar with the move told Reuters, a sign the tech company is looking to develop a key component of its iPhones after years of buying it from outside suppliers. Understandable move by Apple, both from a business perspective, […]
    Thom Holwerda
  • Building a RISC-V PC February 9, 2019
    While it’s clear that the most significant opportunities for RISC-V will be in democratising custom silicon for accelerating specific tasks and enabling new applications — and it’s already driving a renaissance in novel computer architectures, for e.g. IoT and edge processing — one question that people cannot help but ask is, so when can I have a RISC-V PC? […]
    Thom Holwerda
  • A touchpad is not a mouse, or at least not a good one February 9, 2019
    One of the things about having a pretty nice work laptop with a screen that’s large enough to have more than one real window at once is that I actually use it, and I use it with multiple windows, and that means that I need to use the mouse. I like computer mice in general so I don’t object to this, but like most modern laptops my Dell XPS 13 doesn’t have a m […]
    Thom Holwerda


  • Want to Learn Something New? Find Cool Skills to Learn With These 5 Websites February 16, 2019
    Learning a new skill is supposed to be easy on the web. But often, we don’t know where to start. Or critically, what to learn. There are beginner guides for almost any skill you can think of. There are MOOCs which can give you a Master’s level education at the cost of a single book. You can get confused faced with the glut of choices on your screen. That’s w […]
    Saikat Basu
  • 5 Options for Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Repair or Replacement February 15, 2019
    In 2017, Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones. The flagships marked a new era in edge-to-edge displays, with an all-glass exterior and great screen-to-body ratio. But this aesthetically pleasing design came with a major caveat: the phone’s exterior is extremely vulnerable to cracks, even when dropped from low heights. So what happens when your […]
    Megan Ellis
  • Google Adds Haptic Feedback to Gboard for iOS February 15, 2019
    Gboard for iOS now lets you feel each button press on your iPhone. This is thanks to Google adding haptic feedback to its iOS keyboard. Android users have enjoyed haptic feedback for a while, but now Google is offering the same feature to iPhone users. What Is Haptic Feedback? Haptic feedback is exactly what the name suggests. Haptics is any form of interact […]
    Dave Parrack


  • Apple Hires Ex-Microsoft Exec to Revamp Smart Home Business February 17, 2019
    CNBC reports that Apple has hired ex-Microsoft exec and former CEO of a smart lock company to revamp Apple's home initiatives. Hiring Jadallah is the latest signal that Apple plans to get serious about its own efforts in the home. Recently, the company acquired a start-up called Pullstring, a start-up that specializes in voice-enabled toys. That purchas […]
    MacRumors Staff
  • Apple Music Users Able to Gift a Month Subscription to a Friend February 15, 2019
    Apple is today sending out notifications to Apple Music subscribers that, when tapped, allows them to send a referral to friend to sign up for a free one-month subscription to Apple Music. According to Apple, the referrals for a free month of service can only be sent to people who do not already subscribe to Apple Music. The person who signs up for the free […]
    Juli Clover
  • Apple Acquires Voice App Startup PullString February 15, 2019
    Apple recently purchased PullString, a San Francisco startup that enables the design and publishing of voice apps through its PullString Converse platform, reports Axios. PullString could be used to improve the voice capabilities of Siri, Apple's personal voice assistant. On its website, PullString says that it can be used to "collaboratively desig […]
    Juli Clover

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