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  • How Doug Engelbart pulled off the Mother of all Demos December 10, 2018
    Doug Engelbart was the first to actually build a computer that might seem familiar to us, today. He came to Silicon Valley after a stint in the Navy as a radar technician during World War II. Engelbart was, in his own estimation, a "naive drifter", but something about the Valley inspired him to think big. Engelbart's idea was that computers of […]
  • How a major bug in the October 2018 Update slipped past Microsoft December 10, 2018
    Last week, Microsoft began the relaunch of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update after pulling it more than a month ago due to a file deletion bug that somehow crept into the shipping build. While Microsoft has since gone into extensive detail as to how it's making sure something like this doesn't happen again, it's still unclear how such an issu […]
  • Android Emulator picks up support for Fuchsia's Zircon kernel December 8, 2018
    With yesterday's Flutter Live event and the stable release of Flutter, one of the primary ways to create Fuchsia apps, Google is one step closer to possibly unveiling their in-development operating system. Another unexpected step is coming, in the form of the official Android Emulator from Android Studio gaining the ability to boot Fuchsia's Zircon […]


  • 7 Lesser-Known Trello Tips for Managing Your Cards December 12, 2018
    Did you know that you can cut, copy, and paste Trello cards much like you manipulate text? That’s just one of the Trello tricks and shortcuts hidden in plain sight. The app seems to have quite a few of those, and we’ll explore seven of them below. Let’s keep lists and boards aside for now and focus on tips that will help you manage your Trello cards. 1. Inse […]
    Akshata Shanbhag
  • 7 WhatsApp Desktop Tips to Chat More Efficiently December 12, 2018
    For more than a billion users across the globe, WhatsApp is the preferred way to communicate. It’s used for everything from communicating with loved ones to conducting business. And if you’re constantly on WhatsApp, you may want to use a bigger screen. This is where WhatsApp Desktop comes in. WhatsApp Desktop is similar to WhatsApp Web, but it works natively […]
    Khamosh Pathak
  • The 7 Best Online Shops for Ugly Christmas Sweaters December 12, 2018
    When Christmas time rolls around, there is plenty to do. You have decorating, baking, wrapping, and of course, shopping for ugly Christmas sweaters! This trend has become and remained popular for years. There’s even a National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day on December 21 each year. So, whether you’re buying for yourself or the whole family, you need to know whe […]
    Sandy Writtenhouse


  • Intel Unveils Next-Generation 'Sunny Cove' Processors and Graphics Appropriate for 2019 Macs December 12, 2018
    Intel today introduced Sunny Cove, its next-generation processor microarchitecture designed to increase performance and power efficiency. Sunny Cove microarchitecture, built on a 10nm process, will be the basis for Intel's next-generation Core and Xeon processors later next year according to the company, making them appropriate for potential 2019 models […]
    Joe Rossignol
  • Apple Begins Selling LumaForge Shared Servers With Up to 200TB Storage and Prices Up to $50,000 December 12, 2018
    LumaForge today announced that its Jellyfish shared storage solutions are now available for purchase from Apple's online business store, with ultra-high capacities up to 200TB at ultra-high prices of up to $50,000 in the United States. Jellyfish servers enable video production teams working on Macs to collaborate throughout the content creation process. […]
    Joe Rossignol
  • Future iPhones Could Have Apple-Designed Cellular Modems, But Possibly Not Until 2021 December 12, 2018
    Apple is actively building its own cellular modem chip for future iPhones, according to a paywalled report by The Information today. The report, citing a person briefed on the plans, claims that Apple has engineers working on the project close to its headquarters in Northern California. For several months, Apple has also been actively hiring engineers in San […]
    Joe Rossignol

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