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F1 2010 – Kuala Lumpur – Gameplay


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QR-Code Generator


I have just found something for all you Tech-Freaks out there who are always trying to keep up with the latest mobile technologies and trends. While we might all use QR-Codes in combination with our phones from time to time, the possibility to generate them yourself is new to me.

So I present you the QR-Code Generator: http://qrcode.kaywa.com/


This Website can turn URLs, Texts, Phone Numbers and SMS Messages into QR-Codes of 4 different sizes so you can share them with others and make it easier to get your content out to mobile phone users.

Microsoft announces Multitouch Mouse


Microsoft has recently announced a “Touch Mouse” at the CES-Conference which is going to be primarily focused on bringing Touch-Features to Windows 7 (who’d have thought that). It’s going to be released Mid-2011 for about 80€ (so I guess around 90$ in the US) and here’s what it looks like:


The first thing I thought was that this really seems like a well-designed piece of hardware. Something I don’t recall seeing from Microsoft in a while now, leaving Kinect aside. Because in my humble opinion, it’s not even about designing something that everybody loves to look at but just putting enough effort into the design of a product that it does not look like it’s cheaper than its internal specifications make it worth.

Best example for that: No one even remotely cared about the fact that the first generation iPhone had no 3G-Functionality, no regular Bluetooth, no regular Audio-Jack and things like that which we had already gotten used to from Smartphones around it. Its selling-point was all about the Multitouch and its looks basically.

So my basic message here is that even if this “Touch Mouse” from Microsoft doesn’t out-perform similar products that came before it, it still might out-sell them if it becomes something that people just want to have sitting on their desk.

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